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Where’s Christmas? Readership Increases

December 10, 2008

Well, another Christmas is is fast approaching.  I hope you’re all well on your way to getting ready for the big day (& doing all your shopping at the Nice retailers).

I thought my readers might be interested to see the progress we’ve made in just a short while.  As you can see, since its inception in late November-07, Where’s Christmas? has continued to soar with a 40% increase in average daily visitors from November-07 to November-08 (only 24% in December, but we’re not even halfway through the month yet).

stats 12-8-08

stats 12-8-08 top 20

Here are the most viewed posts as of 12-8-08 since November-07.

I’m glad to see some of my personal favorites in the Top 20: Wal-Mart’s Carol of the Bells commercial, Ben Stein’s column on saying “Merry Christmas”, Theodor Geisel, etc.

Don’t stop there, however, as there are many other good posts with wonderful information, stories, links, etc.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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