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The Gray Lady Comes Unglued

December 15, 2007

In Tobin Harshaw’s opinon we’re all stupid and should be completely ignored, yet he’s devoted precious space in the New York Times to draw attention to what he believes is a phantom war on Christmas (Playing the Christmas Card).

The war on Christmas is as real as a war “in Diwali” according to Harshaw.  Therefore, he argues, we shouldn’t pay any attention to the fact that 17 Democrats who voted in favor of resolutions honoring Ramadan and Diwali just a few weeks ago, either failed to vote or voted against a resolution by Congressman Steve King to honor Christmas.  Harshaw makes no secret of his contempt for Republicans.  What he thinks of all the Democrats who voted for King’s resolution, or of the the resolutions honoring Ramadan and Diwali themselves, he isn’t so compelled to share with us.

What is important to Harshaw is name-calling, coloring the facts, and browbeating the opposition for wasting time addressing such insignificant issues such as the unraveling fabric of our society.

I recognize that there is a real war going on out there, Mr. Harshaw.  The questions is, when our brave soldiers return home, will they recognize the country they risked their lives to preserve when the get back?

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