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Sheriff Jim Alderden Replies re: Fort Collins Grinch Squad

November 28, 2007

I just received this email from Sheriff Jim Alderden:

To all of you who responded to my last Bull’s-eye, thank you so much for your support.  To date, I have received close to 400 e-mails and phone calls offering prayers and support (and legal representation if needed), and fewer than a dozen critical replies.  I do believe that this issue of political correctness vs. tradition and Christianity has struck a cord with the silent majority.  I have even been contacted by atheists, agnostics, and pagans who support our right to celebrate Christmas, even if they disagree with the reason for the season.  Due to the large number of e-mails I have received, I regret that I’m not able to personalize my response to each of you.  Just know that in my heart, I am very appreciative.
God bless you and wishing you a very Merry Christmas.

Jim Alderden

It’s not too late to email Sheriff Alderden ( to express your support, and I’m sure it will bring him much encouragement in the midst of the assault on him by the grinches in the city government.

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Grinches in Fort Collins Turned Away by the People!

November 27, 2007

Here’s the latest, hot-off-the-press news about the advance of the grinch brigade in Fort Collins.  But thanks to the people of Fort Collins, sheriff Jim Alderden, and the help of the American Civil Rights Union (ACRU), the grinches have been driven back to into their cave.  Too bad their hearts haven’t changed as in Dr. Seuss’ version of the story.

Please don’t miss this exceptionally well-written article from the Blogger News Network (BNN) which provides all the details.  I’d summarize, but I wouldn’t do justice to it.  Then, be sure to email sheriff Jim Alderden to show your support and to thank him for his leadership (email sheriff Jim Alderden).

By the way, you won’t believe who headed-up the city’s “Holiday Display Task Force”.

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Fort Collins "Holiday" Display Task Force

November 17, 2007

Extra, extra…Grinches in control of the city of Fort Collins…read all about it!  Sheriff Jim Alderden, of Fort Collins, Colorado, Says Thumbs Down to Holiday Task Force

Read this article and be sure to click the link to sheriff Jim Alderden’s Bulls-eye report and email your support to him (email sheriff Jim Alderden).  Here’s the email I sent:

I am in complete agreement and full support of your views on Christmas and the nutty proposals set forth by the grinches occupying space on the Holiday Display Task Force.  The people of Fort Collins need to remove the city mis-manager from office and dismantle this unnecessary task force forever.