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Kohl’s Leads in Christmas Spirit!

November 22, 2008

I haven’t even started doing my research yet for this year, and the Kohl’s commercial grabbed my attention this evening for their Christmas Power Sale! 

So I wandered over to their website, and I was very pleasantly greeted by today’s Christmas Power Sale ad, and their Christmas Home Sale Catalog

              Kohls Ad             Kohls Christmas Sale

The most prominently featured ad on their website is The 25 Deals of Christmas.

 Kohls 25 Deals

You may remember last year when I took Kohl’s off the Naughty list.  This year, Kohl’s is betting it all early by unabashedly acknowledging Christmas.

It’s too early to say just yet, but I may be spending all my Christmas dollars at Kohl’s this year.  Please be sure to email Kohl’s and tell them you’ll be buying your Christmas gifts there this year too.