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“I was at – forgive the expression – a Christmas party…”

December 21, 2010

Nina Totenberg, who is a – forgive the expression – NPR reporter/journalist, interjected on Inside Washington in the oddest cautionary separation from a common description for a common event, seemingly embarrassed to invoke any reference to Christmas.

Two lumps of coal for you this year, Nina….just don’t tell any of your Leftist friends that you have coal in your possession.


What’s in a Name?

December 3, 2009

Christmas Vacation versus “Winter Break/Holiday”; Easter Vacation versus “Spring Break”…having homeschooled our children and, therefore, having little exposure to the public indoctrination system (aka public schools), we were unaware of the Left’s assault on the terms Christmas Vacation and Easter Vacation over the last 10 years.  Anti-theist crusaders have threatened milquetoast school board members across this nation that referring to Christmas and Easter Vacations as such violates the Constitution (written by men with Judeo-Christian beliefs) and is otherwise insensitive.

Historically, the only reason these two vacation periods have existed was to allow sufficient time off from school to celebrate the Birth and the Resurrection of Christ.  Now, the Left would have us believe that an en masse departure has suddenly occurred and these simple terms must replaced.  There’s no longer any need to recognize Christmas or Easter.  in its place, a universal desire to have a vacation in the middle of winter for no apparent reason (other than maybe to celebrate the winter solstice), followed by another vacation in spring so heathen college kids can take over resort destinations to get drunk and hold wet t-shirt contests.

The Petoskey News gives us an example of a successful return to sanity taken by the Petoskey Board of Education.  Board member Jack Waldvogel proposed, and the board voted unanimously, to rename the “winter holiday break” in the Charlevoix-Emmet Intermediate School District calendar to "Christmas break."

Daniel Dankoff wrote to the Petoskey News-Review to criticize Waldvogel saying,"We’re a nation of many faiths, and he’s jamming it down the throats of everyone who’s not a Christian."  Of course, it’s perfectly acceptable in Dankoff’s eyes for the 5% of the U.S. population that does not celebrate Christmas to jam their hatred of Christmas down everyone else’s throats.

Be sure to email Jack Waldvogel to express your support and encouragement to help him endure the assault of the Grinches.

Dennis Prager: A Happy Jew at Christmas

December 24, 2008

Dennis Prager My absolute favorite talk radio host is Dennis Prager.  I’ve been listening to him for about 25 years now (since his Religion on the Line show).  I often describe him as my best friend, whom I’ve never met. 

If you haven’t heard him, or don’t get a chance to hear him often, I urge you to download this segment of his show, entitled: A Happy Jew at Christmas.  Here’s the description of what you’re in for:

Addressing a mixed group of Jewish and Christian leaders, Dennis explains why Christmas makes him a happy Jew.  Dennis marvels at the controversy that has surrounded the celebration of Christmas as a national holiday for the last decade.  He explains why he loves the Christmas season and why the expression of the Christmas spirit with its special songs and gift-exchange is important to our national well-being.  He also explains why Christmas is disliked by the Grinch crowd. 

Major Points of the Lecture:

  1. To be happy is both a choice and a moral obligation.
  2. The nation’s majority culture is Christian and celebrates Christmas.  It’s a matter of simple decency to let them do so without whining and complaining about being excluded or made to feel uncomfortable.
  3. We are a religious nation, founded on Judeo-Christian values.  If we lose our religious character, we will lose our moral fiber.
  4. Those who protest the celebration of Christmas are narcissistic and probably unhappy.

No matter where you stand on Christmas, I urge you to listen to this segment by Dennis, or perhaps his Celebrating Diversity (Save the Christmas Party), or read his column entitled Minorities Should Express Shame, Not Only Pride, or Christians Offer Beauty At Christmas; Atheists Offer Nihilism.

ASCAP’s Top 25 "Holiday" Songs

December 12, 2008

Well, folks…”the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) — the first and leading U.S. Performing Rights Organization representing over 330,000 music creators and copyright owners…announced its Top 25 most performed holiday songs for the past five years…”  And, wadda ya know?  All 25 of them are…Christmas songs!  I, for one, am shocked!

Based on ASCAP’s politically-correct press release, we can anticipate they (or some other liberal organization whose name begins with the letters ACLU) might soon seek to impose faith-based preferences on radio stations to ensure that lesser-known holidays get their fair quota of airplay.

Of course, since these other holidays haven’t inspired anywhere near the same volume of songwriting over the centuries, they’ll have to rely on that old time-honored tradition of the Left – abscond with reality and replace it with a cheap imitation in the attempt to manipulate people into accepting their liberal philosophy.  So don’t say I didn’t warn you if one of these days you tune-in to your favorite radio station at Christmastime and hear:

  • “Away in a manger, no crib for His bed, the little Lord Mahavira lay down His sweet head…” 
  • Or, “You better watch out. You better not cry. Better not pout. I’m telling you why…Abu al Aid is coming to town…”
  • Or, “I’m dreaming of a white solstice…”

I sent this email off to ASCAP:


Wed, Dec 10, 2008 at 6:00 PM


Dear Kathleen Reynolds,

I publish a blog called Where’s Christmas? which highlights and exposes politically-correct euphemistic references to, and attacks on Christmas.

I read ASCAP’s 11-24-08 press release entitled “ASCAP UNWRAPS TOP 25 HOLIDAY SONGS” and couldn’t help but notice that it never uses the word “Christmas”, but uses the words “Holiday(s)” or “seasonal” twelve times in describing the 25 songs on your list and Christmas.

Of the 25 songs listed, 10 include the word “Christmas” in their titles.  While the remaining 15 songs don’t contain the word “Christmas” in their titles they are all, nevertheless, written and performed for the celebration of Christmas.

It’s hard to imagine that ASCAP’s decision to ignore Christmas is anything other than a deliberate effort to ignore the very event that prompts such a press release – the joyful celebration of Christmas.  Please explain why ASCAP has decided to completely eliminate the word “Christmas” from its vocabulary.  Has the Grinch taken-over control at ASCAP?

I will be happy to post your response on my blog.

Merry Christmas!

Todd Roper

I’ll post their response as soon as I receive it.  Feel free to express your opinion to Kathleen Reynolds.

I wonder how far down the list you would have to go before you got to a non-Christmas “Holiday” song?  Other than Adam Sandler’s Chanukah Song, I can’t think of any possible candidates.

Yes, Virginia, There is a War on Christmas

December 11, 2008

…just ask MSNBC:

Tonight’s promoted story

Posted by Rob Merrill, Daily Nightly editor (07:06 am ET, 12/13/05)

It wasn’t all that long ago when people said “Merry Christmas,” and that was that.  Then “Happy Holidays” and “Season’s Greetings” showed up.  Now, there’s  a big push to go back to the old way.  We’ll look at how it’s sparking a new, heated debate this holiday season.

Tell the Daily Nightly what you think and leave a comment like I did.

Oldie…But Goodie

December 7, 2008

In case you missed it last year, I decided to re-publish one of my personal favorite posts about a very fascinating man with great insight, Theodor Geisel: 20th Century Prophet.  I hope you enjoy it…

If Nobel Prizes were awarded for prophets, I might be persuaded to nominate Theodor Geisel as the 20th Century’s greatest prophet.  Any of you who have children – or were a child yourself at one time – are very familiar with this lifelong, politically active Democrat.  If you can’t quite place his name, perhaps you know him better by his pen name, Dr. Seuss.

Among his many popular and critically acclaimed children’s books, perhaps his most endearing is the 1957 classic entitled, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.”  Adapted for television in 1966, it aired on the CBS network for 22 years, and has become one of many endearing traditions enjoyed each December by millions the world over, both young and old.  The cartoon has taken-up permanent residence on the Internet Movie Database’s list of the top 250 films each December.  As further testament to its popularity, I can safely assume no one reading this needs me to refresh their memory of the storyline of this American classic.

Aside from Geisel’s trademark style of rhyme combined with a uniquely creative vocabulary, perhaps the most significant factor contributing to the enduring success of this story for over half a century, was the preposterous notion Geisel contrived for the story’s premise that anyone would actually wish to rid the world of Christmas.  Christmas!  For centuries, the single greatest annual celebration throughout Western civilization.  Christmas!  A time of joy, peace, goodwill, faith, hope, charity.  Christmas!  When small tokens shared among family, friends, neighbors, even strangers, create bridges over wide relational chasms, and feed and cloth those in need.  Christmas!  A holiday so widely enjoyed and celebrated, it is embraced equally by Christians and non-Christians alike to the point that, for many, it transcends its religious foundation.

While the premise of the story reveals Geisel’s genius; his potential status as a prophet admittedly suffers due to the methods he imagined a Grinch might employ to successfully achieve his devious goal.  As you recall, the fictitious Grinch disguises himself to look like Santa as he slithers through the town stealing every vestige of Christmas: from the Christmas trees, to the decorations; from the presents, to the food.  He scours the town until not one sign of Christmas remains.

But recent years have revealed a very real Grinch loose in our society. Not an odd looking individual with green fur and a soothing, grandfatherly voice.  But, rather, a small yet equally determined army of very ordinary looking people, employing none of the methods Geisel dreamed-up.  If Geisel was truly a prophet, surely he should have seen more clearly into future decades to warn us of these apostles of diversity, preaching in the public square their politically correct gospel of egalitarianism, tolerance, and sensitivity.  He would have warned us that these Grinches would not wind their way down Who chimneys; but would, instead, wield their influence over governments, major retailers, media outlets, and human resources departments throughout the land with threats of lawsuits on behalf of offended victims with irreparably hurt feelings from such diabolical trespasses upon their senses as the mere sight of the colors red and green, or displays of a baby in a manger; the sounds of Christmas Carols, or even a whisper of the word “Christmas”.

Some might conclude that it’s a shame Geisel let us down so, by failing to accurately predict the future.  Though, I imagine it’s possible he only concealed the truth about the coming assault on Christmas for the sake of his young audience, attempting to spare them certain distress while reassuring himself that the adults reading his story to their little ones might decipher his cryptic warning.  But, either way, and no matter how brilliant or well-intentioned he was, his prophetic attempt (as with most prophets) somehow failed to alert future generations.

Whoville withstands the external assault on its culture when the Grinch’s heart miraculously enlarges after the true spirit of Christmas suddenly touches him, causing him to repent and join in the celebration.  It is said that Geisel never really got into the sentimentality of Christmas himself, and that the Grinch may be somewhat of an autobiographical character.  So, perhaps there is hope that today’s antagonists, when they get a small dose of Christmas spirit like Geisel’s Grinch, may also experience heart transformations.  For the sake of our nation, I hope so.  However, British Historian Arnold Toynbee warns us that, “Civilizations die from suicide, not by murder.”  By accepting the gospel of the Grinches, we are slowly committing suicide.  For, while Christmas will no doubt survive without America; I fear America will not long survive without Christmas.

For now, while there is yet no law against it, I unabashedly wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas.

Free Online Grinch Coloring Book

December 4, 2008

GrinchHere’s another free online activity for the kids…but all ages will find this fun.

This site contains three pages of scenes from the animated movie that you can color-in online.

Youngsters will enjoy it because they won’t have to worry about staying within the lines to create a beautifully colored page.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to print your picture, other than right-click on it and select “Print” (the toolbar also prints, but you can remove it with scissors).

Grinch Dominates Best Buy

November 25, 2008

You’d never know it was Christmastime if all you had to go on was Best Buy.  The Grinch has personally swept their stores clean and expunged all indications that Christmas is on it’s way. 

Well, there is one indication…on the last page of their online “Holiday Gift Guide”, Best Buy describes their “Holiday Helpline” service to reassure their customers that “…if you are having trouble setting up or using your new gift on Christmas day, we are there with a simple answer…”  But, since I won’t be spending any of my Christmas dollars at this naughty store, I won’t be needing their help on Christmas day.

Here’s the email I sent to Best Buy on 11-23-08:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I spent an hour in one of your stores one day this week, perused your 40-page 11/16-22/08 ad, and reviewed your 24-page online “Holiday Gift Guide”.  It is apparent that Best Buy is doing its best to completely ignore Christmas.

I did not see the word “Christmas” anywhere, no traditional red and green colors, decorations, symbols, etc.  Yet the word “holiday” appears in your online catalog 33 times, “New Year’s” appears once, and a Menorah was displayed…but not the slightest acknowledgement of Christmas.

It is my conclusion that Best Buy values political correctness above free-market capitalism, and deliberately patronizes its Christmas-shopping customer base which likely accounts for 90% of its sales from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. Therefore, due to the very hostile nature of Best Buy’s strategy toward its Christmas-shopping customers, I will conduct all my “Holiday shopping” elsewhere, and I am encouraging all my readers to do the same.  Should you have a response, I will gladly post it on my blog.


Todd Roper

I’ll post their response, if any, as soon as I receive it.

Fireworks Won’t Fly in Patchogue Parade

November 20, 2008

Fireworks by Grucci, America’s First Family of Fireworks and the top name in fireworks entertainment since 1850, generously donated over $5,000 worth of fireworks last year to the annual Patchogue Christmas Boat Parade in Long Island, NY.

This year, however, a narrow majority of Grinches on the chamber board voted to change the name to the Patchogue Holiday Boat Parade.  As a result, Grucci vice president Philip Butler said his firm will not provide fireworks for the event because the word “Christmas” is removed from its title.

The Greater Patchogue Foundation, which hosts the event on November 23, 2008 along with the Greater Patchogue Chamber of Commerce, decided in an un-unanimous vote to change the name because the use of the word “Christmas” garnered complaints from people who wanted the event to “be more inclusive,” said Charles Baker, president of the chamber.

Patchogue’s Mayor, Paul Pontieri, said: “When I think about fireworks, I don’t think about Christmas anyway – I think about the Fourth of July.”

Read more of the news story here and watch a video interview with Philip Butler.  Email, write, or phone to express your disappointment with the Patchogue Grinches.

Greater Patchogue Chamber of Commerce
15 North Ocean Ave.
Patchogue, NY 11772
(631) 475-0121

The Greater Patchogue Foundation
15 North Ocean Ave.
Patchogue, NY 11772
(631) 475-0121


A Merry Christmas to All!

December 24, 2007

This article is so good, I couldn’t wait to share it with you.  The War Against Christmas Rages On from The Daily News out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada puts it so aptly.  Please take a moment to read it.

Here’s an excerpt to get you going:

Christmas is the most important holiday celebration of the year in our culture, and it essentially belongs to Christianity, although it is properly something to be shared with others in a spirit of kindness and generosity.  The real problem is the astonishing degree of cultural leverage a self-appointed elite of left/liberal secularist ideologues now exert on society.  Through pseudo-intellectual coercion, they browbeat others into capitulating to their political-correctness agenda.

This will be my last post for 2007.  Hopefully, society will return to sanity in 2008 and  Where’s Christmas? will cease to exist. 

Until then, have a very Merry Christmas!

In the meantime, resist the opposition with loving wishes for a “Merry Christmas”.  Perhaps we can affect them in such a way that the small hearts of the grinches will grow.