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Dennis Prager: A Happy Jew at Christmas

December 24, 2008

Dennis Prager My absolute favorite talk radio host is Dennis Prager.  I’ve been listening to him for about 25 years now (since his Religion on the Line show).  I often describe him as my best friend, whom I’ve never met. 

If you haven’t heard him, or don’t get a chance to hear him often, I urge you to download this segment of his show, entitled: A Happy Jew at Christmas.  Here’s the description of what you’re in for:

Addressing a mixed group of Jewish and Christian leaders, Dennis explains why Christmas makes him a happy Jew.  Dennis marvels at the controversy that has surrounded the celebration of Christmas as a national holiday for the last decade.  He explains why he loves the Christmas season and why the expression of the Christmas spirit with its special songs and gift-exchange is important to our national well-being.  He also explains why Christmas is disliked by the Grinch crowd. 

Major Points of the Lecture:

  1. To be happy is both a choice and a moral obligation.
  2. The nation’s majority culture is Christian and celebrates Christmas.  It’s a matter of simple decency to let them do so without whining and complaining about being excluded or made to feel uncomfortable.
  3. We are a religious nation, founded on Judeo-Christian values.  If we lose our religious character, we will lose our moral fiber.
  4. Those who protest the celebration of Christmas are narcissistic and probably unhappy.

No matter where you stand on Christmas, I urge you to listen to this segment by Dennis, or perhaps his Celebrating Diversity (Save the Christmas Party), or read his column entitled Minorities Should Express Shame, Not Only Pride, or Christians Offer Beauty At Christmas; Atheists Offer Nihilism.


It All Comes Down to the Bible

November 24, 2007

I absolutely love listening to Dennis Prager on the radio.  I often refer to him as my best friend, whom I’ve never met.  While I agree with him nearly all the time; even when I don’t, I respect him and I want to learn more about why we disagree.  Whenever something happens in the news, I can’t wait to here Dennis’ take on it the next day.  If you haven’t listened to him, you must do so as soon as possible.  Check here for a station near you at

What I want to bring to your attention at the moment is Dennis’ column titled: The Culture War is About the Authority of a Book.  Dennis has written about Christmas in other columns (including In Defense of the Commercialism of Christmas, Christmas Decorations Make Society Better, In Defense of Santa Claus), but while this column is written regarding the culture war in general, it applies to one of the greater battles in that war: the war on Christmas.

The grinches love to deny that there is any such thing as a war on Christmas, or a culture war.  One of their favorite tactics is to ridicule those who stand-up for traditional values as defending something that is insignificant (global warming…now there’s something important).

However insignificant values-issues may seem to anti-theists, they are always representative of greater issues.  Will the world end if Christmas is abolished?  Of course not.  Will the world be a better place without Christmas?  Most certainly not.  If Christmas falls, so too will much of what we value, and what has made our country great.

Dennis cuts to the chase, and says that the bottom-line in the Left/Right division is “…what text, if any, [you] believe is divine.”

That a belief or lack of belief in the divinity of a book dating back over 2,500 years is at the center of the Culture War in America and between religious America and secular Europe is almost unbelievable.  But it not only explains these divisions; it also explains the hatred that much of the Left has for Jewish, Protestant, Catholic and Mormon Bible-believers.

Merry Christmas…and may God bless us, everyone – Left and Right!

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