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Christmas Gift List for Liberals

November 28, 2007

I ran across this yesterday, and had to share my thoughts with you.

Read Denise Williams’ article What to Buy a Liberal for the, er, ‘The Holidays’.  Not to spoil anything, but “lump of coal” is not on the list.  I think you’ll get a kick out of it.  Be sure to read Brandon’s comment also.

Okay, so here are my thoughts I’ve been working on as I had time throughout the day:

A very clever and witty article…albeit, distressing, when one considers the depths to which the left has sunk. What a contrast Brandon provides in his comment: ad homonym, humorless, hateful, foul, devoid of facts and filled with distortions.

Denise Williams pointedly satirizes the left’s veneration of Che Guevara, Michael Moore, Al Gore, The NY Times, the antics of the leftists running San Francisco, movies like “Redacted”; as well as their hatred for George W. Bush, and all things Christian. (Okay, maybe she crossed the line with her suggestion to give liberals fruitcake for Christmas – that’s just evil).

Leftists proudly and routinely make their thoughts known regarding such things at every opportunity (at awards shows, in interviews, on their websites, while visiting Fidel…). But when a conservative addresses their nutty ideas, leftists like Brandon get offended, sling insults, and run from the truth like Sandy Berger leaving the National Archives reading room (recent example: Rosie v. Elisabeth).

Show me one conservative who venerates Hitler, or wants U.S. or Iraqi or any other children to die. And who is really stingy with their money? Conservatives donate a greater portion of their income to charity than do bleeding-heart liberals. Also, Brandon sees himself fit to judge a man who’s had the misfortune of becoming addicted to pain meds following surgery yet, ironically, liberals claim to be so compassionate. Because of his immature reaction, I’m led to conclude that Brandon is manifestly lacking in life experience. My bet is that Brandon is in college or graduate school, single, no children, no career, doesn’t volunteer or donate to charity, and has never read the Bible.

The question I have for Brandon, and those who would agree with his response, is: what are you so offended by that would cause you to react so virulently? If these are examples of issues you believe in and support, then defend yourself with all the reason you can muster to answer the right’s objections; if you believe you were misrepresented, then correct us and clarify your position. The hackneyed reactions of the left – accusing conservatives of being greedy, racist, bigots, hateful, homophobic, child-killers – have grown thin. Stop the name-calling and respond rationally.

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