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Holiday Gift Guide (CTW) Ignores Christmas

November 23, 2007

I opened my local newspaper this morning, the day after Thanksgiving, to find a stand-alone publication inside titled, Holiday Gift Guide, produced by a company called Content That Works (CTW).  Local papers contract with them to produce content that supposedly adds value to their paper in order to increase readership.

This 60-page publication is primarily used to sell advertising space to local merchants, and from the title you might expect its purpose is to get you to spend your Christmas dollars with these merchants.

While there are a handful of ads that do use the word Christmas, most opt for the euphemism “holiday”, or make no references at all.

Meanwhile, the content generated by CTW, consisting of various platitudinous articles offering advice on how to have an environmentally-green “holiday”; a holistically-healthy holiday; making organic pumpkin pies; etc. virtually ignores that fact that the biggest holiday of the year is fast approaching.

So, I emailed them just now:

Hello CTW,

I just received your Holiday Gift Guide this morning in my local newspaper, The Press Enterprise.  I operate a blog called “Where’s Christmas” where I review retailers, commercial advertisements, etc. regarding their use, or non-use, of references to Christmas. 

I was very disappointed by the lack of the word Christmas in your publication.  Other than a handful of individual advertisers that used “Christmas” in their ads throughout your publication, I found the word Christmas used only twice in your 60 pages of content: once in the title of your article “10 Steps to YOUR Perfect Christmas Tree” on page 23, and once in the title of your article “Stop Dreaming of a Red-and-Green Christmas” on page 58.  Neither article referred to Christmas in their content.

Please explain why your publication all but ignores the biggest holiday of the year.  I will post your response on my for my readers.

Thank you, and Merry Christmas.


I’ll post their reply as soon as I receive it.  In the meantime, check to see if your local paper uses CTW content.  If it does, express your dismay to your paper and to CTW ( 

Whether in CTW publications or not, make an extra effort to patronize those merchants that advertise to attract Christmas shoppers, and pass on those that chose not to acknowledge it.