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Even Liberal Democrats Love Christmas

November 16, 2007

Check out the YahooNews site I found containing eight Andy Rooney’s Christmas videos from over the years with Andy’s good-humored take on all things Christmas: from how to wrap Christmas gifts, to Andy’s 8 types of Christmas cards (“Christmas colors are red and green and white…I don’t want a brown Christmas card.”).  Don’t miss his interview with Santa – comparable to the old Reiner/Brooks 2,000 Year Old Man interview, only with Santa.

Right above the video screen, click the Video Quality link which provides a selection of speeds to the right of the screen.  I have cable, so I clicked 700k (though 1200k seemed to work just as well).

Oh, sure, Andy grumbles about a variety of common annoyances related to Christmas.  But all his complaints are about things that tarnish or degrade Christmas.  In the end, his love for Christmas is seen in his desire to keep it pure by honoring time-proven traditions.

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