Christmas Chaos in Chelmsford, Massachusetts

Here’s the only copy of last night’s Impact Segment I can locate on the internet.  In it, O’Reilly reports on an elementary school in Chelmsford, Massachusetts that has banned any and all Christmas and Hanukah items, even including candy canes and stockings. Factor producer Jesse Watters paid a visit to the school, but officials refused to comment.  Watters reported on a raucous town meeting in Chelmsford.  "75% of the room supported Christmas and candy canes," Watters said, "but there’s this weird 25% who think it’s going to be offensive if they have a Menorah or a candy cane or even Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer.  They feel like the atheist children are going to feel offended and left out, and one of the parents actually compared Santa Claus to a swastika.  But other parents have said that if the school doesn’t drop the ban, they’re going to file a lawsuit saying that the school has censored religion."

Public schools receive state &/or federal funds for their average daily attendance (ADA).  In order to choke off the unresponsive education system that has long been high jacked by the Left, parents need to pull their kids from the public schools immediately.  Put them in private schools or home school them (not charter school – the public school still gets ADA money for your kids enrolled in charter schools).  For more information, contact CHEA of California or Home School Legal Defense Association.


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