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Rasmussen: ‘Merry Christmas’ vs ‘Happy Holidays’

November 30, 2009

Sunday, November 29, 2009

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds:

  • 72% of adults prefer "Merry Christmas," while 22% like "Happy Holidays”
  • Older Americans favor "Merry Christmas" more than younger adults
  • Married adults fancy the traditional greeting a lot more than unmarrieds, although there is virtually no difference in the views of those with children in the home and those who don’t have children living with them
  • 91% of Republicans and 70% of adults not affiliated with either major political party like store signs that wish them a "Merry Christmas," compared to just 58% of Democrats
  • Last year, 68% of all adults wanted holiday signs to read "Merry Christmas," while 25% preferred "Happy Holidays"



TOY SWAP $2 Toys at Sandals Church

November 23, 2009

Here’s a church in Riverside, CA that’s raising money for its building project by providing low-cost toys for Christmas.  They’re accepting donations of any new and “lightly loved, outgrown and unwanted toys”.  Then, on December 12th, they will sell them for $2.00 each at their TOY SWAP.

TOY SWAP needs toys!  You can drop off your toy donations at any of the drop off locations.  Then on December 12th people in the community can purchase these toys for 2 dollars each.  All proceeds will be given to Sandals Church to benefit the building fund.

Free ShutterFly Photo Book

November 16, 2009



11-16-2009: TODAY ONLY!!  Click the link to create one photo book from ShutterFly…for FREE!  You only pay a small amount for shipping.  I just finished ordering mine, and it came to a total of only $5.14 for 20 pages.

After you finish creating your photo book, be sure to enter the promotional code MYBOOK at checkout in order to receive this offer.

Christmas Makes a Comeback in Patchogue

November 3, 2009

Due to our support here at Where’s Christmas?  I received this email from Phil Butler just this morning:

from: Phil Butler
date: Tue, Nov 3, 2009 at 8:08 AM
subject: Christmas Holiday Boat Parade 


Great News – No more holiday boat parade in Patchogue–it has been agreed and accepted that this year and for ever more the boat parade will be called the: 

Christmas Holiday Boat Parade

So please spread the word to your family, friends and neighbors to come to the 16th Annual Christmas Boat Parade on Sunday, November 22nd and join the fun and excitement as big and small boats parade from Shorefront Park to head of the Harbor fully decorated in lights, colors and the spirit of Christmas.  The Grucci Family will again donate the fireworks with the arrival of Santa Claus.

For those who e-mailed us last year, thank you very much and please be assured that your support and encouragement greatly helped and was most appreciated and if you wish to help us make this the biggest and best Christmas Boat Parade on all of Long Island, you can again help; to do so, simply mail a donation as follows:

Sponsorship of the Best Boat Christmas Decorations $500.00
Sponsorship of the Best Boat Theme …………………..$250.00
To donate any amount from…………………$25.00 to $100.00

Simply mail us sponsorship or donation to:
Christmas ‘n Patchogue Committee
38 West 1st Street
Patchogue, NY 11772

Philip Butler
Christmas ‘n Patchogue Committee

Thanks to all of you who called and wrote in last year to express your support for the Christmas Parade.  This is just one of several examples I’m planning to post this year of success stories I’ve witnessed since last year.  The Grinchs are feeling the push back, so be encouraged and continue to speak out in support of Christmas!

Take a moment to email your support to Phil Butler: