Lenox Celebrates Christmas!


Here’s a company that celebrates Christmas: Lenox!

“It is my will and desire that Lenox, Incorporated shall at all times manufacture the highest possible grades of porcelain, that the standard of excellence already attained shall ever be advanced…”
Walter Scott Lenox

Walter Scott LenoxSince 1889 the vision of Walter Scott Lenox has guided the company he founded to set the highest standards for quality, artistry, and beauty.  Today Lenox is among the world’s oldest and most respected names in fine tableware and giftware — favored by presidents, displayed in museums, honored with awards, and enjoyed in homes across America.  Come explore the story of Lenox as it grows from one man’s conviction into the country’s foremost maker of china, crystal and metal gifts.


Christmas Ornaments, Christmas Figurines, Christmas Entertaining, a Nativity set, Christmas Cheer, 12 Days of Christmas…all make Lenox a Nice manufacturer and retailer!

Famous for their beautiful annual Christmas Tree Ornaments, china patterns, vases, crystal ware, giftware, metal gifts and collectible figures – Lenox has been one of America’s favorite collectibles for well over a hundred years now.

Merry Christmas Lenox!


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