Santa & Sons Christmas Tree Lot

I stumbled across and read a 4-year-old post the other day at  One of the comments caught my eye…here’s an excerpt:

I am the owner of Santa and Sons Christmas Trees in Los Angeles, an Oregon Christmas Tree Farm. I have operated retail Christmas tree lots since 1977…every Christmas tree we sell (we don’t sell holiday trees!)…[are] high quality fresh trees that are properly displayed in water and in the shade, and the full service we provide…[we understand] that keeping it fun to pick out a tree together is part of the reason people choose a retail Christmas tree lot instead of a tree from the chain store.
Mark Rohlfs

Santa & Sons 2001[1] I contacted Mark and asked if I could write-up a post about him and his Christmas tree lot.  He promptly and cheerfully provided me with a link to his website, and I have to say it is much grander than I had expected!  (…not only that, I was also surprised to discover his lot is located at Valley College, where I took a couple of classes…a few decades ago).  Read the About Us article (click on the picture of their delivery truck) and learn all about Mark and Patricia and the family atmosphere they’ve created for their customers…their journey over the years reads like a rough draft of It’s a Wonderful Life.

He also has a flash version of his website, and the Showcase page provides a nice graphic overview of the content, including: various celebrities Santa & Sons 2005[1]who have visited his lot; various news stories (in newspapers & magazines, and on TV, & radio) about his Christmas tree lot and his Christmas tree farm in Oregon; his Christmas Spirit – charitable work with Trees for Troops, the Grossman Burn Center, The Christmas Spirit Foundation, and several other good causes; etc. (all of this content can be found on his regular site as well).

Mark’s Christmas trees have been used on many notable occasions, such as at the premiere of the Warner Brothers movie, The Polar Express, with Tom Hanks.

So, if you live in the San Fernando Valley, start a new Christmas tradition: become part of the Rohlfs family and buy your Christmas tree each year at Santa & Sons Christmas Tree Lot.



  1. Great Blog! Christmas tree farmers like Mark along with many retailers started a charity a few years ago to increase the level of Christmas Spirit for kids, families and the environment. It is called the Christmas SPIRIT Foundation.

    Trees for Troops is just one of it’s programs.

    They have been tracking a Spirit Index for several years, and you might find the results interesting

    Merry Christmas!

  2. 2
    troper Says:

    Thank you for your comment Christmas Tree Guy, and for the link too. My post also links to The Christmas SPIRIT Foundation’s website, but I somehow missed the Spirit Index. I’ve printed it off and will read later tonight. It looks very interesting, and I’ll have to post something on that too.

    Merry Christmas!

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