Bass Pro Shops Celebrates Christmas

wwwbassprocom_p_1000This is the most aggressive retailer I’ve found in advertising the reason for the season.  Unfortunately, the dynamic content of the main panel filling the top portion of Bass Pro Shops’ online ad doesn’t show-up in this screen shot, so be sure to click through to see their ad in it’s full glory.

From November 9th through December 24th, they offer shoppers free pictures with Santa and free weekend activities for the kids:

  • test drive RC cars
  • hit 3 out of 5 targets at the Soft Gun or Red Ryder laser arcade and win a prize
  • write and mail a letter to Santa
  • color a Christmas picture
  • make fun crafts every weekend
  • see old-time trains run through Santa’s Village

www.bassTheir slogan is, “Time passes, hold on to Christmas.”

Now here’s a retailer that knows how to celebrate!  I’ve never been to a Bass Pro Shop, but since one opened-up just a few miles from my house in recent months, I’m going to have to go see this for myself, and spend some Christmas dollars there for sure!



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  2. Test driving the RC nitro buggy cars is my sons favorite thing at this event.

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