Grinch Dominates Best Buy

You’d never know it was Christmastime if all you had to go on was Best Buy.  The Grinch has personally swept their stores clean and expunged all indications that Christmas is on it’s way. 

Well, there is one indication…on the last page of their online “Holiday Gift Guide”, Best Buy describes their “Holiday Helpline” service to reassure their customers that “…if you are having trouble setting up or using your new gift on Christmas day, we are there with a simple answer…”  But, since I won’t be spending any of my Christmas dollars at this naughty store, I won’t be needing their help on Christmas day.

Here’s the email I sent to Best Buy on 11-23-08:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I spent an hour in one of your stores one day this week, perused your 40-page 11/16-22/08 ad, and reviewed your 24-page online “Holiday Gift Guide”.  It is apparent that Best Buy is doing its best to completely ignore Christmas.

I did not see the word “Christmas” anywhere, no traditional red and green colors, decorations, symbols, etc.  Yet the word “holiday” appears in your online catalog 33 times, “New Year’s” appears once, and a Menorah was displayed…but not the slightest acknowledgement of Christmas.

It is my conclusion that Best Buy values political correctness above free-market capitalism, and deliberately patronizes its Christmas-shopping customer base which likely accounts for 90% of its sales from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. Therefore, due to the very hostile nature of Best Buy’s strategy toward its Christmas-shopping customers, I will conduct all my “Holiday shopping” elsewhere, and I am encouraging all my readers to do the same.  Should you have a response, I will gladly post it on my blog.


Todd Roper

I’ll post their response, if any, as soon as I receive it.


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