Who Cares What They Call the Tree in Wisconsin?

Annual Wisconsin Christmas TreeWho is it that opposes State Representative Marlin Schneider’s efforts to return to the sane practice of calling a Christmas tree a “Christmas tree”?  Why, it’s the Freedom From Religion Foundation, that’s who.  And, just who are they?  Well, there a dedicated group of only 12,000 people who think they are better equipped at running America than the other 99.999999% of us.

So just what does the Freedom From Religion Foundation do?  Do they create programs like the Boy Scouts to help children become productive members of society; or the Salvation Army to help feed and clothe the needy; or hospitals to care for the sick; or schools to promote education?  Well, uh, no…we file lawsuits. 

And, what has the FFRF accomplished in it’s short life? 

The Foundation acts on countless violations of separation of state and church on behalf of members and the public, including: Prayers in public schools, payment of public funds for religious purposes, government funding of pervasively sectarian institutions, and the ongoing campaign against civil rights for women, gays and lesbians led by churches.

The Foundation keeps several challenges in the courts at all times, and has ended a variety of violations of the First Amendment.

They also implement crucial informational efforts such as their “Wake Up” Campaign:

Initiated by a generous benefactor offering a $25,000 matching grant, the Foundation undertook a well-timed “Wake up America to the dangers of theocracy” campaign in 2006.  With wonderful response from its membership, FFRF launched public outreach, including our first foray into national radio advertising on Air America radio.

The FFRF’s purpose statement is, “protecting the constitutional principle of the separation of church and state.”  Never mind that neither the constitution, nor any other document of state mentions any such principle (see here for a well presented history of the issue).

Apparently organizations such as the ACLU, People for the American Way, and Americans United weren’t doing enough to eradicate Christianity from American history and contemporary society.



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    A fundamental principle of settling any lawsuit is asking the question: How was the plaintiff (they who filed the accusative lawsuit) HARMED IN ANY SUBSTANTIAL OR LONG-TERM WAY????
    In the case of the Wisconsin State Christmas tree, how has the FFRF been denied something or actually harmed in some significant way????
    Were I a judge and this was brought into my courtroom, I would dismiss it as so trivial and unnecessary that it did not merit spending the court’s time adjudicating it!!!
    One more thought: If the nativity scene is such a very worthwhile symbol of the birth of Christ, why doesn’t every Christian congregation have such a scene outside its’ building? And how about many individual Christians putting up such scenes in front of their own homes? Both of these locales, being on private property, would be perfectly legal and certainly appropriate. Certainly just driving by such a scene in one’s car cannot possibly be construed as being offensive to anyone!!!
    In my own community, a local group puts up a large sign every year at Christmas time on a piece of private that is on our Main Street. The sign depicts Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus with the words “Keep Christ in Christmas” in very large letters. They also light this sign every night so all those who pass by can see and read it. It’s a marvelous way to remind us all of the “Real Reason for the Season”, so to speak! And again, I cannot see how anyone could possibly be offended by driving by; if they don’t want to see or read it, just don’t do it!!!
    Perhaps that’s the best admonition we can offer to the FFRF, “If you don’t want to see a nativity scene, just turn your eyes the other way!”

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