Support Representative Marlin Schneider (WI-D)

Wisconsin Representative Marlin Schneider has requested that I enlist your help to pass the bill he is sponsoring.  If passed, Wisconsin’s “Holiday Tree” will be restored to its proper name: The State of Wisconsin Christmas Tree (see my previous posts here & here).

Here’s the email I received from him this morning:

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.  Well, it looks like Senator Decker wants to kill it in the Senate so if you can apply some gentle persuasion to him and the other senators it would maybe help. – Marlin

I am so glad to read about a man with conviction who is willing to stand-up to the politically-correct grinches.  I fully support Marlin Schneider’s efforts, and I am encouraging my readers to contact Senator Decker right away (especially your Wisconsin Senator for you Wisconsin residents) to express your support for Marlin Schneider’s bill:

Here’s the email I sent to Senator Decker:

Dear Senator Decker,

I urge you to vote in favor Representative Schneider’s resolution to reinstate the name of The State of Wisconsin Christmas Tree.  A Christmas Tree is no more a “holiday” tree, than a dreidel is a holiday toy.  Please vote to preserve our treasured traditions and our heritage.


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