Is There a War on Christmas?

Here are the ten stories from my Google Alert today.  I read through them all, but unless you’re a glutton for punishment, don’t bother with any but number 6.  It’s well written, and he makes some good points, but he has issues with Bill O’Reilly & John Gibson.  The rest either deny any attacks on Christmas, or attempt to distract attention from from the issue by railing-on about the pagan roots of Christmas, etc.

Publishing 3 of these 10 articles, the folks at the Huffington Post sure seem invested in convincing us all that there’s nothing going on as far as they can see.

The comments to these posts are also illuminating…or should I say, depressing.  The venom from those who deny there is any war on Christmas catches me a little off-guard.

  1. Babylon And On: Fox And Friends Stage ‘War’ On Christmas Circle-Jerk
    Huffington Post, NY – 44 minutes ago
    No, the abovementioned resolution, presented by Representative Peter King, was just some high-toned babble about the imaginary “War” on Christmas.
  2. Preemptive Strike on the War on Christmas
    Huffington Post, NY – 2 hours ago
    I declare a War on the War on Christmas. And since the barrage of the holiday season has begun, I thought I should launch a preemptive strike.
  3. Carol Towarnicky | THE WAR OVER ‘THE WAR ON CHRISTMAS
    Philadelphia Daily News, PA – 21 hours ago
    Too bad nobody noticed we were losing in the War on Advent. Then again, Advent has never turned a profit. Old-timers may recall that, back when Christmas
    Column: Here comes the Christmas-holiday debate again Batesville Herald Tribune
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  4. War on Christmas?, MO – 20 hours ago
    Things must be quiet down in Branson when the town leaders decide to waste time fighting another phantom battle in the War on Christmas.
  5. The war on Christmas
    Petoskey News-Review, MI – 21 hours ago
    Certain conservative pundits and activists urge vigilance against a “War on Christmas.” To hear them, there’sa carefully coordinated movement afoot to strip
    Happy Xmas to Bill O’Reilly North Star Writers Group
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  6. The War on Christmas is but a symptom of a much larger fight
    Charleston City Paper, SC – 23 hours ago
    BY JACK HUNTER For a few years now, various pundits have chronicled the War on Christmas, a phrase used to describe the continuing secularization of
  7. On TV: Santa’s ringing his slay bells on ‘Supernatural’ is
    Seattle Post Intelligencer – Dec 11, 2007
    War on Christmas or not, Papa Bear and his crusaders for creches left a man behind in old Kris Kringle, and look where it got him.
  8. War on Christmas: A Survival Guide
    Boston Herald, United States – Dec 8, 2007
    The War on Christmas is raging and media pundits are trumpeting the news: The manger is in danger! No Santa Claus or public Christmas tree is safe from the
  9. Jesus Puts End To War On Christmas
    AOL News Newsbloggers, VA – Dec 10, 2007
    Before I get to the substance of His letter, I’d like to point you to The Political Machine’s own, fine battlefield coverage of the War on Christmas.
  10. Who Won The War On Christmas? At My School, It Was The Druids
    Huffington Post, NY – Dec 10, 2007
    The day winter vacation (not “Christmas break” — couldn’t mention Jesus in a school full of Jews, could you?) began, we’d have a half day of school.

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  1. 1
    renaissanceguy Says:

    Those same people usually support all the measures to stamp out Christmas in schools, government facilities, and even private businesses. Then they claim it’s not happening. “It’s all in your mind!” they say as they snicker behind our backs.

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