Politically Correct Christmas Card

A British graphics design company has come up with a politically correct Christmas card for you to give to your favorite grinch.  Click here to open a PDF file that’s ready to print.

The card’s message is indicative of the kind of society we are beginning to find ourselves in, thanks to the perpetually-offended and their attorneys. 

Imagine a bland world where no distinctions are ever allowed, and where the most basic communications between human beings is reduced to legal terms vetted by lawyers to ensure no one ever feels bad…or good (after all, if you’re feeling good, it must be at someone else’s expense).

It reminds me of that terrific movie, The Truman Show.  Jim Carrey’s character, Truman, is unknowingly forced to live in a fictitious world carefully constructed to keep him from discovering the truth so that others can profit from his captivity.  The illusion is maintained by convincing Truman that his dreams threaten his safety and security, and so he must continue his life within the confines of a perfectly bland little island called Seahaven with a wife, a best friend, and career that have all been chosen for him.  Those who have ever cared for him jeopardized the illusion and so were suddenly removed from his life.  All the while Truman suspects there is something more to life but all his attempts to pursue happiness are met with avoidance and scare tactics.  That Truman is a decent guy living a banal existence is summed-up in his greeting to everyone he sees, “Good morning, and in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!”  He wishes everyone well, but no one cares about his well-being.

We need to turn this ship around soon before it’s too late.  Maybe giving this card to your friends will help to reveal the left’s Utopian agenda for what it is: nutty, controlling, and destructive.



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