O Christmas Tree

Here you go folks…more evidence of the existence of the war on Christmas.  Here’s a little excerpt, but please be sure to read the complete story:

Michael Schoenfield, legislative aide to Rep. Marlin Schneider, D-Wisconsin Rapids, who is sponsoring the resolution, said the state should refer to the tree as a Christmas tree because that is what it is.

“As a Jew, I have a problem calling it a holiday tree,” Schoenfield said. “It’s not my holiday.”

According to WISCTV.com, “Schneider said it was a Christmas tree until politically correct state officials changed its name to the holiday tree in 1985.”  As of this moment, the poll on their website shows 4,300 out of 5,437 votes agree with Schneider’s resolution.

With a Democratic Representative and his Jewish aide agreeing that there’s a war on Christmas, the home office of the ACLU must be freezing over right about now.

WRN.com reports:

Annie Laurie Gaylor with the Madison-based Freedom From Religion Foundation says it’s not necessary.  She says it’s just jumping on the bandwagon for the phony “War on Christmas” that has been identified by Conservatives.  Gaylor says labeling it a Christmas Tree insults the many non-Christians living in Wisconsin.

If you live in Wisconsin, be sure to let your voice be heard and contact the representative for your district.  Here’s the directory for the Wisconsin State Assembly.  Whether you’re a Wisconsinite or not, be sure to take a moment to email your support to Rep.schneider@legis.wisconsin.gov.



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