Here’s an up and coming Christian group: Offering, featuring the vocal talents of Jeanine Guidry.  They recorded a Christmas CD called Comfort and Joy, and you can hear samples of it here.

Offering has an extensive performance schedule this Christmas, including lots of community-oriented events:

This coming Friday (12-7-07) they perform at Fort Lee military base in VA.  They raised enough funds to do a special printing of their Christmas CD to give to each soldier in attendance.

They’re doing the same at their local Veteran’s Hospital a week later, and they’re also playing at the Hospital Hospitality House in Richmond.

On top of that, they’re organizing several toy drives!

Show your support for this talented and generous ministry.  Take a moment to click over to their site and buy a CD or two for Christmas gifts!

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  1. 1
    Kristy Says:

    This morning on Channel 2 news you advertised your radio station along with a Christmas CD. I could not find the information on your website. Can you assist me? Best regards, Kristy

  2. 2
    troper Says:

    Hi Kristy!

    I’ve included links above in my post – just click and you’ll be taken to Offering’s website where you can purchase their CD’s.


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