Wal-Mart "Carol of the Bells" Update

Be sure to see my recent update to this post: HERE

So many of my readers have shown an interest in my posts regarding Wal-Mart, especially the one on the Wal-Mart “Carol of the Bells” TV Ad.

I haven’t forgotten my promise to make the video of their terrific TV ad available to your here as soon as possible. Well, I got word from my contact at Wal-Mart’s corporate office just this morning that I may be able to embed it sometime this week.  I hope this doesn’t sound like a shameless tease – it isn’t meant to.  I only want to emphasize that they are having a hard time deciding whether to allow someone like me who single-handedly operates a little blog to have the same access they would give to our big brothers in the old media.  I’m not being critical of Wal-Mart here, I’m just admitting that they have no idea if I’m some kind of a kook or what…some of you may be wondering that as well :-).

I have been very diligent in pursuing Wal-Mart on this and they have, at least, been responsive – which is very encouraging.  In case they’re reading my blog to aid them in their decision, you may wish to leave a comment supporting the idea, which might help them decide in our favor. 

As of this moment, I do not believe this commercial can be found any where on the Internet.  If they reverse their decision and authorize me to embed it here, I will be the first source on the net for you to view it, so stay tuned (or sign-up for my RSS for immediate notification).

In the meantime, I am working on several other interesting posts and resources which I hope to have up over the next few days.

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    Good blog. Keep up the good work.

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