Don’t Waste Money on Tarnished "Golden Compass"

“Let’s see,” I can just imagine some big Hollywood producer saying to himself, “…what would make a great movie for Christmas this year?” 

After pondering for 2 or 3 seconds: “I know!  A movie based on a book written by an avowed atheist who thinks C.S. Lewis’ classic Chronicles of Narnia series is ‘morally loathsome!!  Why, I can make millions off those stupid Christians who will drop their little tykes off at the theater while they do their ‘holiday’ shopping – I’m a genius!!”

Sound ridiculous?  Well, check out this article in The Washington Times and this excerpt from Hanna Rosin’s article in the Atlantic.  The movie is an adaptation of the first volume of Philip Pullman’s “His Dark Materials” trilogy.  Pullman has boldly stated that his books are about killing God (see this article).

Hollywood diminishes itself with this sort of attack on America and Christianity.  Rather than go to the movies this year, why not buy a good classic Christmas film instead?  I’ve hand-picked many good Christmas movies in the Where’s Christmas? Online Store.

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