Wal-Mart "Carol of the Bells" TV Ad

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Merry Christmas everyone!

About halfway through “Dancing With the Stars” last night (can you believe Jennie Garth got kicked-off instead of Marie Osmond?!), Wal-Mart’s new commercial was played.  It is terrific! 

I had hoped to be able to share it with you here, but I can’t locate it anywhere on the net.  I emailed Wal-Mart to see if they would provide a link to post on my blog.  I’ll post it here immediately if they do. 

In the meantime, be sure to keep an eye out for it.  It’s set to the classic Christmas Carol, The Carol of the Bells, as Wal-Mart associates flicker their checkout lane lights in time with the music.  At the end, they say they will open all lanes to accommodate more “Christmas shopping.” 

Additionally, when shopping there last month before Halloween, I saw a large sign outside their garden center displaying the words, “Christmas Central” (search for it on the website and you’ll see).

Please support Wal-Mart by shopping there for all your Christmas gifts and decorations, as they will surely be under great attack from the grinches.

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  1. 1
    TrayC' Says:

    I loved this commercial!

    10+ lanes all open at once, with their CSR’s all smiling big smiles as they flicker on & off their lights playfully to the Bells music. I wanna know where this mystery Wal-Mart is located because any of the ones I’ve been to it is scarce to find employees, let alone ones that are smiling as happily as these were. 😀

  2. 2
    Luke Says:

    You should all realize that Wal-Mart just stole the idea from Miller Lite last year. That commercial had a house thats lights were set to go off to the song “Wizards of Winter” by Trans-Siberian Orchestra. All they did was take a good idea and copy it, good job being original Wal-Mart. I am also almost appalled at your unwavering support of Wal-Mart considering their track record as a company. They finally gave their employees health coverage, good job, long time coming, but their company goal is still to take over every small business in America. I would say if you there is a Wal-mart in your town, go support a local business instead.

  3. 3

    Good for Wal-Mart – great commercial!

    btw, Luke, we have the largest Wal-Mart in Wisconsin here in West Bend, and small businesses are thriving.

  4. 4
    Natalie Says:

    Are you aware that Carol of the Bells was adapted from a pagan song?

    ; )

    Happy Yule.

  5. 5
    troper Says:

    …and the “Star-Spangled Banner” is set to the tune of an old British drinking song. So, what difference does that make?

  6. 6
    K.T. Says:

    I love ” Carol of the bells” and this commecial is the best I ever seen:):D

  7. 7
    K.T. Says:

    😀 soryy.. I’m not an English person :D.. and I don’t speak very good English… I’m from Lapland…

  8. 8
    troper Says:

    You did just fine K.T. 🙂 Thanks for visiting Where’s Christmas? and leaving your comment. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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