Free Balzac Toys for Christmas

There’s a pretty amazing story here!  The child of El Salvadorian immigrants, Mary Rodas, is a second generation American who was born on Christmas day.  Mary wants to share her blessings with others by giving away hundreds of thousands of free toys this Christmas.  Don’t believe me?  Read all about it here: Balzac

Mary is the president of Balzac Toys, Inc. and this isn’t the first time she’s been so generous – she also contributed thousands of free toys to the undermanned Toys for Tots program during the Gulf War.

Mary was 17 in this story by Dateline NBC done in 1993.  You can see it here if you are interested (does everyone named Spector have the same hair stylist?).

While Mary may not be the child prodigy the media make her out to be (see this article in Business Week if you’re interested), she certainly has a unique idea to market her business.  I say…thank you, and

Merry Christmas Mary!!

Visit the Balzac website here to sign-up for your free toy: Balzac Toys



  1. 1
    Ana zapata Says:

    Please get back with me this year I want to make sure is the best christmas for my son I want to give him the best christmas and thanks to you people that care for the happinest of others.

  2. 2
    troper Says:

    My pleasure, Ana! Thank you for your comment. Please check Balzac’s site (I’ve linked to it above) and see if they are making the same offer this year. I’ll also try to locate other organizations that are spreading Christmas joy and happiness and link to them here as well. I wish you and your son the Merriest Christmas ever this year!

  3. 3
    rosa maria Says:


  4. 4

    my name is Emma,
    I am from Liberia, West Africa. I now live in Charlottesville,VA. I was looking for some help for this Christmas. I was lay-off my job, and have not found another yet. I have two boys, (3years and 4mos.) if anyone could give me any help, i will be thankful. just want them to experience Christmas in a way that i have never.

    thanks for taking the time to read my comment.

  5. 5

    Hi I am looking for anything a 7yr old little girl wouls love my daughter please get back in touch with me if you can at all help me but please put others first as we always do.. thank you

  6. 6
    sharae Says:

    I’m looking for Christmas toys for my children I have 3 girls 13, 11, 3. I’m a college student and a single mother however, I’m having a hard time right now. i’m looking for someone to adopt our family for this Christmas.
    Gob Bless You All.

  7. 7
    troper Says:

    Dear Rosa Maria,

    Yes, I see what you mean. Balzac will provide one free toy, but you have to pay $4.99 for shipping. I am researching to see what else I can find. I will post the details of any free or low cost Christmas toys that I find.

  8. 8
    Lorrie L. Says:

    Can you let me know where I might be able to get toys and clothes. maybe even coats and shoes for kids for christmas? I have been looking everywhere on the internet and am completely lost 😦 so worried. I have 7 people in the home and 3 grandkids that are looking forward to Santa as they are young and I dotn know what to do. livce in a small town so toy4tots is not a option for us 😦

  9. 9
    Shellia Jones Says:

    Hi, I am a wife and mother of (5) children. We have (4) four boys and (1) one girl. My husband just started a new job coaching at school. Where he only works 20 hours a week. I lost my job back in September. I just started working a new job this week sitting with a old lady. This job may last for 2-3 week with a work load that last 4 hours a day for 4 days out of the week. We are behind in our house note and everything else. This year has really been hard for us. I use to work as a preschool teacher and bring in some money to help my husband. I don’t know how or what we will do for our kids for Christmas. I know that this season is about more than just getting toys. I still would like to give them a little something. Can you help us in anyway with toys.

  10. 10
    Ms.Garcia Says:

    How can I get help for toys for my 3 kids.I have a 7 year boy 5 year old boy and 15 month girl.

  11. 11
    ljones Says:

    If someone could help with my 5 grandchildren Christmas it would be such a blessing. My son in law was in a serious auto accident-broke back,pelvis, puncher colon and bladder are just a few of the injuries. I have had to file chapter 13 due to trying to keep them afloat during this time. The kids are use to going and buying for other children each year, they just realized this past weekend they now are like the children they use to pick out gifts for. The 6 yr old asked if someone would be sending toys to Santa for him this year. If anyone could help thank you. Boys are 8,7 and 6 yrs old, the girls are 2 and 5.

  12. 12
    LJones Says:

    Hello All,

    Look locally and see if there is a Toys 4 Tots/Teens in your area, even if you have to ask someone at a store that has a tub set out, this organization usually helps out lots if non-profit organizations throughout the United States.

  13. 13
    troper Says:

    Thank you for the helpful information LJones!

  14. 14
    ljones Says:

    Hello everyone, there are 2 ljones! I am ljones with the 5 grandchildren here in Pensacola. I contacted the local organizations in this area that accept the Toys 4 Tots, they told me applications for help were taken back in Aug/Sept. and were now closed. I did ask what happens to people that needed help for 1 reason or another after these dates, responces were sorry we can’t help. Apparently there are a lot of families that sign up every year for these programs and know about these dates, for others who have never asked for help are left to seek out assistance in other areas as family, friends and your Church. Prayfully you are not in the same situation the following year and if you are you know you must sign up in Aug/Sept. This may not apply in your area so please do ask around! Also found that in certain areas (not mine of course) you can call radio stations and they have a list of organizations you can contact. Also call your bank to see if they adopt families in need and ask since you bank with them will they help–again in my area these are not avaliable. I am praying for everyone here, I know how it feels to be in this situation and I can also tell you God is in control and knows our every need. We may not get what we want but we will receive what is best for us. If I find any more options I will let everyone know. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Lisa

  15. 15
    troper Says:

    Thank you ljones! That’s very helpful information, and I appreciate you for sharing that with everyone here. I just heard a commercial from a radio station that is granting Christmas Wishes – I’ll post as soon as I can research more details. God bless you, and have a very Merry Christmas!

  16. 16
    L. Ray Says:

    Hi Well This is my story.I have been sick for over 4 yrs. down in bed for the last 2. Been doctor to doctor surgery after surgery.. Finally a few months ago someone directed me to a special doctor in another state. after all these years he found out whats wrong with me I have chronic Lymes Disease..If my doctors had just did a simple blood test for Lymes I would of been fine today. But I have had it so long now It will take years to get it under control.I barely can get out of bed most days because of the severe pain and can barely walk when i do. I only have one wish this year if someone could help me for Christmas for my 13 yr. old son. He doesnt understand How sick i am and Has suffered right along with me So if there is any help out there please let me know..

    Thankyou & GodBless

  17. 17


  18. 18
    ljones Says:

    Hello everyone, This ljones in Pensacola. Don’t give up, the Lord has sent help to me this morning for my 5 grandchildren. I received a email from an agency about helping children at Christmas-they asked for donations to be a childs hero or you could also nominate a child. The comp. had gotten my email from a entry done a year ago and the event they have only take 80 children and just in their area. I email the gentleman and the company accepted my grandchildren even with them being outside of the area–the Lord is in control and does care about all of our needs.
    God does provide!!! Just received another email from this company, anyone in the area of Pensacola/Fort Walton/ Destin FL. the company has given me a letter to give for you to apply for help. Please post ASAP so that Todd Roper can get the information to you.

  19. 19
    troper Says:

    ljones – this is spectacular news…thank you so much for sharing this with my Where’s Christmas? readers. I have received several comments to this and other related posts requesting information on how to obtain assistance. If anyone indicates that they are in the Pensacola/Fort Walton/ Destin FL area, I will gladly forward the information to them ASAP.

  20. 20
    ljones Says:

    Hello everyone again from ljones in Pensacola Fl.,
    The is a web site you can buy small items in unit forms that can be very inexpensive. It is a great place to get stocking stuffers especially if you have more than one child, a lot of my co workers who have ordered from them and have been very satisfied with both the service and merchandise. They do run specials on free shipping on any amount you order plus % discounts, they have a standard free shipping on $49 everyday. Hopefully this may help.

  21. […] Santa Claus? If you’ve been following the many comments left in response to my post on Free Balzac Toys for Christmas you’re familiar with ljones, grandmother of 5 from Florida.  Along with many others, she […]

  22. 22
    ljones Says:

    Hello everyone, ljones in Pensacola. I have found that some newspapers allow “wanted” ads to be run free and some are not limited to what you want. You may be able to place a small ad asking for Christmas donations both old/new for your family. There are a lot of people who have older XBOXs etc they may be willing to donate to a needy family for Christmas. Hope this helps.

  23. 23
    troper Says:

    You’re amazing ljones! Thank you for all your helpful information so that others in need might benefit from your efforts. Have a very Merry Christmas!

  24. 24
    ljones Says:

    I have never used Craiglist site but just found that you can check there and can find items free-some are for Christmas being put on my local Churches and miltary.

  25. 25
    jack Says:

    hi im a father of a three year old girl i have missed a lot of work this year if you can help thank you and god bless 432 dudley street phila,pa 19148 267-249-8730

  26. 26
    ljones Says:

    Hi Jack,
    I went under the Craiglist for your area and under free. There is a lady who said she has tons of good used toys for free, even a little tikes pink riding toy. Maybe this would be some help to you, may God bless you and your family.

  27. 27
    troper Says:

    Thank you ljones! You’re an amazing woman…I never would have thought of Craig’s List. I appreciate all you have done for those in need here at Where’s Christmas?

  28. 28
    ljones Says:

    Hello everyone, (Update)
    My grandchildren along with 80 other children were treated by 654Limo yesterday to a wonderful day that included a dolphn show at the Gulf Arium, lunch at Fuddruckers, $20 per child to spend on family at Sensations, $25 to spend on themselves at the Destin Commons, ice skating, hot chocolate and desert with Santa–the children and their parents were taken by limo to each place-they had a wonderful special time. Creating magic moments for people can take a little effort on our side yet we can become heroes in the eyes of the receiver especially children and David and his employees definitely became heroes for these children but especially for the family below.

    There was a family there, woman with 7 children, single mom, one of her children was born without a leg, he just received a posthetic leg last week. He was learning to run for the first time, falling down but getting right up telling everyone that’s ok, nver missing a beat. These kids had been known to wear the same clothes every day to school due to not having any other, they knew what it felt like to go hungry each day from lack of enough food to go around but you know these kids knew how to be loving, happy and how to make you smile and to say “that’s ok”. To tell someone how much a day like this meant to them what do you say. To explain what these kids did for everyone else, how or where do you begin.

    To all of you that are going through something like this my heart goes out to you and I am so sorry. My family in years past have gone through times of not having enough money or food and knowing the pains of hunger but not to the extremes of this family and many of you. I can still tell you the Lord is still on His throne, He does care regardless of what we think. I can tell you that even during our worst of financial times, when I look back I can see where God had His hand on our lives, He did take care of us and He did work everything to our good. No we did not win the lottery, we still have bills but everything is still to our good.

    May God bless all of you and You and your famlies have a very Merry Christmas!

  29. 29
    Laura Says:

    I am a single mother of a 8 month old baby girl. I had to flee my home of 12 years in fear of my life from my baby’s father. He literally tried to kill me after I told him I was pregnant…he totalled my car, pushed me through a wall, broke a mirror over my bed so that glass shards went everywhere, etc. I left my home, donated everything I owned to Salvation Army and relocated myself to have my child. Due to relocation I had to leave my job and have now been unemployed for over a year. I have been interviewing, but been unable to secure employment after the largest employer in the area laid off 2000 people. I just want there to be something small under the tree for my little girl’s first Christmas. A small book, or small doll…or even a card. I appreciate and thank you for reading this post and anything at all would really be appreciated. My daughters name is Addison Grace 404 Indigo, SSI, GA 31522

  30. 30
    sherri hargrave Says:

    HelloI hope you can help us. I am a single mom of 2 a9year old girl and a 8 year old boy. I called the salvation army and they already had their toy signup for christmas,I couldn’t believe it.I have not worked since January and want my kids to have a christmas. I hope you can help us or help me find someplace that can help.Thank You. Sherri Hargrave

  31. 31
    L Jones Pensacola Says:

    Just a reminder to everyone it’s never to early to start looking for ways to help each other during this special time of the year. Last year I found on Craigslist there are alot of Churchs and other organizations that list help, you have to keep checking the site and also post your need, they too are looking for families in need-always remember to be careful. Everyone have a wonderful and great Merry Christmas this year! I will keep looking for areas that are offering any help and post them here for everyone.

  32. 32
    troper Says:

    Thank you again LJones! I appreciate everything you’ve done for those seeking help here on Where’s Christmas? God bless you, and have a very Merry Christmas!

  33. 33
    L Jones Pensacola Says:

    Hey Sherri Hargrave if you would let troper know what city you are in I will help look in your area for help.

  34. 34
    steven e Says:

    anyone in oklahoma my kids and i will help you get toys for your kids some how some way my kids also raise money for other kids like them too this last summer they started kids helping kids org. and raised $380.00 for other kids for school supplys and clothes … i’m so proud of them for their gift of giving they just didn’t know they too where without school supplys.

  35. 35
    jeania Says:

    May God Bless All the Families who are without finances to do for there children this Christmas. I pray that He my heavenly father would grant all of us Favor. He is not a man that He would lie. His word ssys Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you, and that we have not because we ask not. Well I a and everyone else here I believe are asking. So, I Pray that God Hears our Prayers this Christmas. God Bless All of You. Have a Blessed Christmas No matter what. In the Good Times and Bad times we are to Praise His Name.

  36. 36
    tina Says:

    i have 4 grandchildren living with me my husband and i both lost our jobs. one of our grandsons was born on christmas day 3 years ago.we cant afford to do christmas for them this year we are about to loose our home the lights are about to be shut off.our tv convorter box just quit so they can even watch tv.and we have no money to replace it. i would aprciate if you could help.if you cant i thank you for taking time to read this.

  37. 37
    Maria Torres Says:

    PLEASE HELP!!! We are a family of 7, I have 3 brothers, and 1 sister (not counting me). Only my father has a job and he just gets enough money to pay bills. My oldest brother is 17, another brother is 7, and the smallest is 5, my sister is 15, and i’m 13. Thank You, and God Bless you. =)

  38. Angels with Faith Ministries is a 501c3 non-profit charity in Winder, Georgia that helps 100s of children in need every year through our Christmas Angels program.You can adopt a family for Christmas & work with them directly in person or through us or sponsor a family in need or donate new or lightly used toys, warm clothing, shoes, coats, baby needs, also gift cards, Food for holiday food baskets, or make monetary donation through paypal to help provide Christmas to a needy child or children.We begin our Christmas Angels program every November which runs through Dec 19th when we distribute gifts to all remaining families who haven’t been adopted or sponsored & ALl donations are tax deductible for every cent that you spend.We have volunteers to pickup your Christmas donations here in Georgia7 days a week.We receive families sent to us by DFCS, Schools, Churches, miltary, Toys for Tots, Salvation Army, Empty Stocing, law enforcement, etc as well as from caring neighbors, friends, family members & some families who sign up directly.TO receive Christmas help must live in Georgia, have a true financial need for Christmas assistance & not be receiving Christmas help from anywhere else(this will be checked).We try very hard to never turn anyone in true need of help away ever but since we get no outside or government funding & rely strictly on the tax deductible donations of angels it is unpredictable.Be a Christmas Angel this Year & Adopt a family in need for Christmas, our goal is to assure that NO child in Georgia will ever go without the happiness of having something under the tree on Christmas morning & with your help we can make a difference in the lives of Georgias littlest Angels.Please visit our websites at angelswithfaithministries.​ or angelswithfaithministries.​org ALL donations are tax deductible & 100% go toward helping those in true need Our IRS federal EIN number is available on both websites 27-1972461 WE WERE VOTED TOP TEN CHRISTMAS CHARITY IN GEORGIA the ONLY charity that recives NO funding to make the top 10 list.

  39. Angels with Faith Ministries has moved to our new permanent location at 198 Dogwood Lane Cleveland GA 30528 We have already begun to pickup Christmas donations as we do every year in July gearing up for a very busy Christmas season.We help children in all of Georgia& never turn a child in true need away,our goal is to make sure that NO child in Ga will ever go without something under the tree on Christmas morning,warm clothing & food.We have volunteers to pickup donated toys(new & LIGHTLY used),warm clothing,coats&shoes,baby needs,gifts for teens,electronics,computers of any kind in working condition(kids need them for school & they make an excellent gift for teens),nonperishable food items,wrapping supplies,etc.Our Christmas Angels Program begins each year on November1st but you can sign up at any time to be a Christmas Angel & then hoose your families from our Christmas needs list as families are added beginning on Nov 1st,list is updated several times daily families are added as they come in & removed as they are adopted or sponsored.You can actually choose which families you want to help from the list which includes 1st names,city,each childs name,age,sizes&actual santa wishlist & meet & work with that or those families personally or sponsor them through us& every cent that you spend is tax deductible including gas & mileage for charity.Last year were blessed to help 1083 children&this year we expect many more we are hoping that we have plent of Christmas Angels to help us make sure that they all have a wonderful Christmas.We receive 0 funding & rely only on the tax deductible donations of angels so that we can provide Christmas gifts,warm clothing & holiday food baskets to every child on our needs list,these children live in poverty all year long & truelly deserve a day of joy& happiness & the miracle of Christmas.We all have the power to make a difference & through our unique program you can actually the difference that you are making.100% of EVERY donation through paypal,check,money order,gift card etc from July to December goes toward this program.We hope to have you as a Christmas Angel this year visit our website at we are a certified & registered 501c3 truelly nonprofit(we pay all costs out of pockt&are a home based charity so that 100% of every donation goes to helping those in true need) charity..Donations can also be dropped off here on the front covered porch at anytime all year long.We help families every day of the year & pickup anything in good usable condition,even truckloads

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