Sunday’s Ads

I could bore you with the details, but I decided to do a quick run down of Sunday’s ads.  In spite of the fact that today is Veteran’s Day, most of the retailers appeared to be all to eager for Christmas shoppers to get out there and start spending their cold hard cash.

I’ve simply given grades to the ads as follows:

Very Nice – no indication that they are concerned about being politically incorrect; the word “Christmas” is appropriately used in virtually every instance.

Nice – okay, they’re still nervous about getting sued by the ACLU in case some whinny victocrat complains but, for the most part, they are upfront about Christmas.

Mostly Naughty – some recognition of Christmas, but pretty weak.

Naughty – you wouldn’t know it was Christmas unless you looked real hard.

Have a look for yourself and see if you agree:

Christmas list

(I ran into some technical glitches attaching an Excel spreadsheet.  Hopefully, you can print it and read it.  Feel free to offer suggestions if you know a better way.)


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  1. […] may remember last year when I took Kohl’s off the Naughty list.  This year, Kohl’s is betting it all early by unabashedly acknowledging […]

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