Overstock Commercial

Overstock has a good commercial: National TV Commercial- O Christmas in a Box (you’ll need Quicktime).

But, then you get to their website to find a mixed bag.  The tab label says “Holiday” and the page header reads “Holiday” Gift Ideas. 

But then they have a Top 100 Christmas Gifts section, a Toys for Tots link to Help Children Experience the Joy of Christmas, and a section for Christmas Decorations.

Then, they revert back to links for “Holiday” music, movies, & books.  I didn’t look through all the pages, but I only found Christmas music, movies, and books on those pages.  Since everything here is for the celebration of Christmas, why not say so?  Are there any movies this time of year for any holiday other than Christmas anyway?

Then, to top it off, they have their 2007 “Holiday” Order Deadlines For Delivery By December 24.  Since the significant date for delivery is Christmas Eve, why not say so?

While there are several good solid references to Christmas made by Overstock, due to the schizophrenic nature of their website, I’m rating them Mostly Naughty.

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    Michael Says:

    Well, there are other holidays going on during this time of year. Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, St. Stephen’s Day, and Boxing day, among others. They want to advertise to anyone Religious or Non-Religious alike. They’re a business, not a Christian Organization.
    Christmas is the one I observe, but I don’t have a problem with advertising to all beliefs. If they were a Christian organization, however, then it might be different…

  2. […] may remember last year’s post about their TV commercial.  Well, they’ve made progress since […]

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